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Ms Cudnik - I,by accident, discovered your genealogy site by typing "Alice Wimsatt" in google and asking for a search. I was very much suprised when your site came up. My grandmother was Alice Cunningham Wimsatt.  Wife of John Wimsatt. Mother of my mother Alma Wimsatt Chandler and also the mother of Pearl Wimsatt Pike, mother of James A Pike - former Episcopal Bishop of California.  I have never been able to find out anything about my grandmother.  I would like very much to know your connection to her and also the source of your information. I could give you a lot of information about Alice.  Please let me hear frrom you.  I am Mark B Chandler. My present address is 1833 Courtyard Way E201 Naples FL 34112.  Phone & fax is 239 774 0992.  E-mail - [email protected]  Thank you
14. Mark B. Chandler, 1/24/03.
From: [email protected]
Date: Fri Jan 24, 2003 2:47:47 PM US/Eastern
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Willingham geneology site

I Thank you very much for ypur prompt reply concerning my grandmother Alice Willingham Wimsatt.  Pearl was my aunt. She and I were very close. I stayed with her in Hollywood in 1946 and 1947 while I was stationed nearby at a couple of Naval bases.  I am very interested in gaining more detail on the Willingham family. I do not want to cause you or your daughter any trouble but if she could find the time to contact me I would appreciate it. I think I could add to her genelogy concerning the Willinghams.  I would be glad to contact her if you could tell me the best method.  Again - thank you very much.  Mark B Chandler
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Good Afternoon,
I was just browsing the internet and I came across your site.  I am the daughter of Janet (Sekscenski) Danis.  Can you please add the additional information:
Paula Marie Danis married James Shawn Hiltibidal
One daughter: Laila Rachelle Hiltibidal
Julie Elise Danis married Daniel Dyson
No children at this point in time!!!
Thank you!
Respectfully submitted,
Sergeant Paula M. Hiltibidal
Headquarters Marine Corps Aviation ASM-46
[email protected]
22.; Acte de naissance/baptême
Commune/Paroisse : Frahier
Départ./Province : Haute-Saône
Patronyme : DELOYE
Prénoms : Pierre François Henri
Né/Baptisté le : 13/10/1802
Sexe : M
Père : DELOYE Jean Pierre
Commentaire : de Frahier
Mère : JEANPIERRE Anne Marie
Cote : PICT0349
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From: [email protected]
Subject: Przysbylski in Family Tree
Date: September 30, 2006 8:52:44 PM EDT
To: [email protected]
Hi Valerie, I am the grandaughter of Mary (Przysbylski) Semprich. I took notice of your Family history and saw that my Aunt Louise's sister (my grandmother Mary) had nothing in her listing. She was married to John Semprich and had three children Anthony W. Semprich, Stanley Charles Anthony Semprich and Jane Semprich. She died on Nov 4,1918 of the Flu.
The children my dad, uncle and aunt were all farmed out like cattle and eventually ended up in Castalia, Ohio. My grandfather took off right after my grandmother died never to be heard of again.
I would very much like to ask you if you could please correct your family history as she did live and was married and we are proof that she had a family. It is my quest to make her exist for all of my family.
Thank you for taking time to read this email and please put the right info to make her live for us.
Carlene Semprich Vettel 
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