Impatiently Waiting…

I bought an iPhone on ebay Monday night. As of Wednesday morning it hasn’t shipped. It’s new and has been hacked to work with T-Mobile, which just tickles me to death. I paid about $60 more it than one from Apple, but the ones in the Apple stores right now have a firmware version that can’t be hacked. No way am I switching to AT&T, while their family plan only costs $10 more than T-Mobile’s, they don’t offer a $5 internet plan-they only offer a $60 plan with the iPhone. (My $5 internet plan is really slow, but mostly I just use it for email.)

Of course, this is just an 8GB model, which means I’m really going to have to pare down what I store on it (my 30GB iPod video is 3/4 full!).

I ought to be able to get $150 for my MDA on ebay, though I should make sure Mike doesn’t want it before I go selling it. He has started complaining about his phone lately… he chose the bare-bones base model when we signed up a few years ago. Ditto for my iPod, if I sell it.

More to come once it arrives and I get to play.