Still playing with my iPhone

Well, I tried posting with the iPhone, but it wasn’t cooperating. It didn’t want to enter text into the message field. Bummer.

My new hobby is finding cool little apps for it. Plus I need to hack it to make it work on the t-zones network. I was trying to use iFuntastic, but it didn’t like it. Will give one of the windows apps a shot later.

Garage Sale Map for 3/15

I’ve always wanted to do this… let’s see if it works. Here are 9 garage sales as listed in the Pilot on Wednesday night. I’ll try to update them Friday night and I’ll check for more…

First map attempt can be seen here

New Theme

Okay… I couldn’t bear it. That basic theme was so UGLY, I just had to replace it. This is a stock one downloaded from called “manycolorsidea-10.” I think the designer did a slick job on it.