Why I think everybody needs a Mac

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by Ralphie Parker

What I want for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB Gun

Okay, maybe not, but I still think an iMac is the greatest computer a normal person can own. My video gaming teenage boys would disagree, but for most folks it is a better choice.

I use both Macs and Windows machines. I’m very good on both. Largely they run the same programs, with the exception of a handful of cheap useful software applications available only on the Windows platform (as opposed to the abundance of crappy software), and of course the iApps available on the Mac. Now that I have my new iMac, I can run Windows, so I don’t have to move from computer to computer to use those few very useful applications.

But like I said, for most people, a Mac is the better choice.
They simply work.

• They aren’t bombarded with viruses.
• They don’t get corrupted constantly
• You don’t have re-install or recover your system at least annually
• The core software is much better
• and
dollar for dollar you get a much more powerful machine

With applications like iPhoto that works hand-in-hand with Facebook, or iMovie which can upload straight to YouTube, even novices can join the online social revolution.

The “Faces” feature iPhoto is reason enough to buy a Mac, as far as I’m concerned. Watch this video where I demonstrate this cool feature.

Combine a Mac with the Fujitsu ScanSnap I mentioned in another post and what you have is a shutter-bug’s dream machine.