Skewed values from Washington

Received in an email today:

Two-star Major General Harold Greene was killed in Afghanistan on August 8, 2014 while serving his country with pride for 34 years.

He was the highest ranking officer in the military killed in action since the Vietnam war, since 1972.

President Obama has not mentioned anything publicly regarding this highly-decorated soldier yet he spoke highly of Robin Williams who committed suicide.

Greene was buried August 14 in the Arlington National Cemetery. Neither the President, Vice President, Secretary of State nor Secretary of Defense attended the funeral. President Obama was on vacation, playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard.

No flags were ordered to half-mast, yet they were for Whitney Houston who also committed suicide.

I find this very offensive and disrespectful to the veterans who have served our great country.

But then again, this not surprise me. What do you expect from someone who has never served and has no honor?

David Eads
USMC 1971-1973