A senior’s perspective on “free” health care

(written by my husband’s aunt)

This is a copy of an email that I sent to Nancy Pelosi today.  Thought I’d go right to the source.  What do you think?

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,
I saw a portion of your interview regarding your thoughts on the grassroots protesting on the Obama care HR3200 health care bill.  You said that you thought that it was Astroturf, not grass roots and that these people were carrying swastikas into the town hall meetings.
Madam Pelosi, I am a 72 year old senior citizen and have never before protested anything in my life but I will continue to voice my concerns regarding this health care bill to everyone and anyone that will listen.  This bill is bad for our great country.  This bill is bad for the citizens of this country.  This bill is just plain bad.
You and your Democratic Party members are the ones that are carrying swastikas.  You’re trying to strong arm and frighten the American people into allowing you to pass legislation and to spend the tax-payers money for generations to come to remake our great country into something that our forefathers would never recognize.  Brave men and women fought and died for centuries for our Democracy.  You are disgracing their memories and destroying our country.
Your actions have awakened the American spirit in people like me and Madam, I will now make it my “job” to try to unseat you and your cronies in the coming elections.  I may be old, but I’m not dead, yet.  And I have no intention of letting you and your kind decide how long that may be.  Only God has that right.
Joanne Foutty

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