Defend and Declare Tea Party this afternoon/evening at Chesapeake City Park

Many people are feeling ignored by government. This gives them a very visual way to show their outrage at the stimulus bills, excessive pork and earmarks, and the various bailout bills. Congress and Richmond are deaf these days. We need a strong showing to get their attention, and remind them who’s boss (the U.S. voter/taxpayer).

When: Friday, June 26 from 3-8 p.m.

Where: Chesapeake City Park, 500 Greenbrier Parkway

Fun-Food-Fellow Patriots Taking ACTION!

Ed Kelleher
Electric Current

Sign interpretation for the deaf

Our soon-to-be world famous “message johns”. Portajohns with attitude. Send a message every time you….
(See the growing list of nominees here)


Steve Elliot- Grassfire and
Karen Miner Hurd – Founder Hampton Roads Tea Party
Carlos Taylor- Marine Veteran, Patriot
French Mackes, Constitution Party
Terri Kurkowski, Realtor, Norfolk, VA
Reid Greenmum, Patriot 912 Project Leader
Thom Ayers, Norfolk
William (Mike) Finley, Patriot, from Bowling Brook , IL
JoAn Barnes- Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance
Charles Fuller, Invocation
Marshall Smith- Emcee

Signing of a NEW Declaration of Independence

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