What’s wrong with this picture?

valu pricing at Farm Fresh is a farce!
"valu" pricing at Farm Fresh is a farce!

This just irritated me enough to take a picture. Note the little sign? Labeling like that sucks in shoppers who don’t keep track of prices… this LOOKS like they’re pointing out a good deal, but 2 for $10 on 12-packs of soda is actually higher than I’ve ever seen in a grocery store. You can get those cheaper at the gas station!

One thought on “What’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. Hah! I notice that all the time, even at Walmart. I’ve been browsing your websites tonight, thinking about you.

    My favorite lately at the store was a smaller box of cereal priced higher than the large box. Of course the larger boxes were sold out, but I’d eat something else rather than pay more.

    Our grocery bills are way too high, we pay for convenience, tho, as we both work and have long commutes. I am finally taking charge of somethings, like larger packages of things when it’s much cheaper (and more convenient to not run out of something every week, sheesh).

    Now off to email you to pick your brains, lol…

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